Breakfast: Increasing productivity in the workplace - Prelude

Breakfast: Increasing productivity in the workplace

The Modern Pantry, 47-48 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JJ

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When you run a business, there are often days when hours are lost due to dips in motivation and engagement.


As we live and work in competing times, there is a lot of pressure for individuals and companies to be robust, resilient and high performing.


The more your team feel valued, the more inclined they will be to put more effort into their work. Better productivity translates to more than just increased profits, but also an overall positive work environment.


Although, productivity in the workplace is affected by many factors and is not always easy to achieve.


This event is a chance for you to discuss the different tactics you have used to increase productivity, and learn from what has worked well for your peers.


This breakfast will look to explore, but is not limited to:

• What do you have in place to ensure your team are motivated e.g. bonuses, flexible working
• The difference between each generation and what will make them feel incentivised
• How your team are spending their time in the office, are they focusing on the tasks which are crucial or getting distracted by the smaller things
• How do you develop, incentivise and keep those in the business, that in the future, you can promote into higher roles
• The benefits your peers have identified from focusing on staff development


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