Breakfast: Strategies for managing multiple business commitments - Prelude

Breakfast: Strategies for managing multiple business commitments

Percy & Founders, 1 Pearson Square, London W1W 7EY

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Juggling business and personal commitments is a continuous struggle for many entrepreneurs, and is a topic which is raised frequently.


For entrepreneurs, who are curious by nature and always focused on ‘what’s next’, it’s a huge challenge to achieve that perfect balance.


At various times, each element of your life will require a different level of attention, though failing to get the balance right can be detrimental to your business growth, so it is crucial you try to get this right.


This breakfast is a chance for you to learn from others that are working on, or have mastered the art of managing both work and life commitments.


This breakfast will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

• Effective delegation and management of the team you have in place to help you step back from the day-to-day to help you manage your time
• Tools which can be used to free up your time
• Recognising the right opportunities and learning to say ‘no’
• How to prioritise and make time for yourself and family
• Mastering being out of the office without having to ‘check in’, to allow for relaxation and quality time with the family


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