Creating a sales engine to scale with Gordon McAlpine - Prelude

Creating a sales engine to scale with Gordon McAlpine

London Capital Club, 15 Abchurch Lane, London EC4N 7BW

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Sales are the lifeblood of any business and the right sales team and model drive scale. Designing a strategy, developing a process, and recruiting a team to deliver beyond target are the foundations for growth; but how do you avoid the wrong hires and ensure new recruits hit the ground running, maintaining your sales momentum?


Gordon McAlpine will be joining us for the evening to share his expertise. He co-founded tech start-up BigHand from his living room, and as Sales & Marketing Director was responsible for driving this global Scale Up to successful exit without any funding from investors or the bank. He also founded (and exited) the world’s first membership club for sales leaders, The Sales Club. Gordon is also author of the book, Scale Up Millionaire, which sets out his practical and tactical guidance for scaling sales through a six-step process.


This dinner will look to explore, but will not be limited to:


  • How to align the strategy and team with everyone in your business to create a sales culture
  • How to use ‘Founder Selling’ to inspire prospects to buy from you
  • How to build and lead a driven and positive sales team
  • How to use the ‘SPQ’ (Sales Performance Quarters) model
  • How to build a strong sales pipeline to create critical momentum


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