GDPR series: Consent and privacy - Prelude

GDPR series: Consent and privacy

Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW

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Join us for the second dinner, in our three-part series of events, on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The series has been put together to ensure you have all the information you need before the new legislation comes into play in May 2018.


Every business captures data, but are you managing this data correctly?


If someone was to sign up to your newsletter, what else are you sending them, and is this allowed? How long should you be keeping information on your database?


These scenarios, which take place on a day-to-day basis in all businesses, must be compliant with the data protection law. It is crucial you have the right processes in place to ensure that any data you capture is held and processed correctly, with the consent of the individual/business.


We have two members of the Club attending to share their wealth of knowledge and advice with the group:


Peter Galdies is a data governance and marketing professional with over 25 years experience. Peter co-founded DataIQ, a cross-industry community of data and analytics specialists, and recently ran a series of events on the subject.


Suzanna Chaplin co-founded ESBConnect, a third party email advertising companies which deals in email data cookies. Suzanna also sits on the email council and the data protection Hub for the DMA, who is responsible for outputting guidelines for how GDPR should be addressed and implemented.


This dinner will look to explore, but will not be limited to:

    • What does consent look like for your business?
    • How easy is it for you to access your data should your customers ask you?
    • Is your current privacy policy up to date and clear for your customers to read?
    • How do you manage bought data (both B2B and B2C)?
    • How will HTTP cookies be affected?


**Please note that our venues are subject to change; always refer to email reminders one week before the event and the text message reminder on the day of the event for the correct venue. Our website will also be updated in the event of a venue change.


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