High Growth Dinner - Scale versus sale - Prelude

High Growth Dinner – Scale versus sale

The Alfred Tennyson, 10 Motcomb Street, SW1X 8LA

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Are you looking to sell your business or are you looking to create a legacy? Building your business using structures that may aid a potential sale is a smart move, but this doesn’t mean that you have to exit the business; it is just good practice.


You may be looking to leave a legacy behind for your children, or eventually like to step into a more hands-off chairman role. Whatever the reason, a sale is not the end goal for all entrepreneurs and the assumption that it is, should be challenged.


Ultimately satisfaction and achievement for some people, is watching the business grow and morph, and create an amazing brand.


This event is for those who are looking to sell their business, as well as those whose primary focus is to create a strong legacy.

This dinner will cover areas such as;

• Building a business to create a legacy or building a business to sell and what are your motivations behind this
• How do you know when you are ready to exit, or feel like you have achieved everything you wanted to within the business?
• Creating a business to scale, not sell and the best way to motivate your senior team
• If you’re creating a business to scale, not sell, what is the best way to motivate your senior team? What incentives should you/could you have in place?
• What is the best way to communicate your motivations to your senior team?


This dinner has been designed specifically for members whose businesses turnover £10m+



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