Tactics to incentivise your talent - Prelude

Tactics to incentivise your talent

The Riding House Café, 43-51 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PQ

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More often than not, incentivising staff is focused on the team who are at the front of revenue generation for the business. This dinner will highlight the importance in incentivising your whole team, to allow you to create a culture where your team exceeds performance and demonstrates strong motivation.


Feeling confident that the team around you are happy within your business, will naturally create an energised culture, which in turn, will create higher retention rates and an easier recruitment process because of this culture.


Monetary rewards often take the front seat when deciding on incentives; however, money only motivates for a short period of time and can role reverse by becoming a de-motivator.


This event will look to explore the variety of non-monetary incentives, bonuses and tactics in utilising these methods.


This dinner will explore, but is not limited to:

• The most effective non-cash incentives
• Reviewing the incentives your peers offer their teams including bonus schemes
• Understanding how share schemes can be used to motivate your team
• The regularity of incentives and when these should be revised


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