Techniques to enhance your public speaking - Prelude

Techniques to enhance your public speaking

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Throughout history, all great communicators and leaders have used a microphone to influence and move us to action – Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill to name but a few.


Join us for this four hour interactive session which aims to transform you into an inspiring, confident and influential speaker. The session will focus on how to build an empowering message into your presentations and how to use your voice and body language to create engagement, which allow you to be the best speaker you can be in all situations.


Why should this be of interest?

Speaking with passion gives us the most powerful platform to influence and inspire!


Can you say that; you have moved people to create empowering change? That you have inspired those around you to strive to be better than they ever thought possible? That through your speeches you have created a culture of values with truth as a foundation?


During this master class, Craig will test and challenge to draw out your most important message to speak with a great deal of passion and integrity.


What you will gain, learn and explore:

  • Building a presentation with an empowering message that will stay with the audience for a great deal of time
  • Using the stage to create authority
  • Using pitch, pace, colour, contrast, depth and of course silence
  • Creating positive energy within the room
  • Using your physiology to great effect
  • Sharing stories, metaphors and vignettes
  • Heightening the audience’s awareness of their behaviour


Event Details

Date: Thursday 7th September 2017
8:30am – Arrival
9:00am – You will work through the areas listed above
12:30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest
1:00pm – Session comes to a close



£150 +VAT
£95 +VAT (Discounted rate for Supper Club members only)
This is an interactive session so we encourage all attendees to ask questions throughout.


Open to business owners, directors and managers.


Who will be delivering the class?

Craig Goldblatt will be delivering the session. Inspiring audiences has taken Craig Goldblatt to many countries, experiencing many cultures and delivering over 600 key note presentations. He has also coached on prime time television and spoken on numerous radio shows. Craig is a rare speaker who has an abundance of passion and energy to share.



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