The best lesson I ever learnt - Prelude

The best lesson I ever learnt

M Threadneedle Street, 2-3, 60 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8HP

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In the Club, we have always found that some of the best learnings come from members who share a story at an event about something that might not have gone the way they expected, during their journey in building a business.


Hear from peers on how they have managed something challenging, or took a completely different decision due to an unexpected pitfall, to help you avoid hitting similar obstacles.


Join your fellow members from all different industries and share the biggest lesson you have ever learnt.


This may be something learnt through experience, or even something you have learnt from someone else that has helped you in your business.


Maybe you…

• At the very last minute spotted something in a contract that could have affected your business and your lesson has been to hire an amazing lawyer to review all contracts for you;
• Opened an office abroad without doing all of the necessary research and this hasn’t worked out;
• Invested in a business/acquired a business without the full due diligence;
• Made a senior hire for all the wrong reasons and had a battle trying to remove them from the business


Whatever your lesson, everyone around the table will benefit from hearing what it was, how you dealt with it and what you have taken from this experience.


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