Why and how to use Venture Capital - Prelude

Why and how to use Venture Capital

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, 56 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SA

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Venture Capital (VC) has grown in popularity amongst those looking for external investment to take their business to the next level, or take market share quickly. Despite a reduction in tax relief to 30% in 2006-07, VC investment has been stable, with £435m in funds raised by 43 Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) in 2015-16.


This dinner is for those exploring VC as a growth capital option and those looking for advice and insight on how to manage the relationship with their investors.


Areas that will also be highlighted include; what to expect from this type of investment, how to get the best deal, pitfalls to be aware of and value beyond capital from investors.


Will Gibbs from Octopus Ventures, will be joining us for the evening. Will joined Octopus 4 years ago and works with a range of portfolio companies, as well as looking for new investment opportunities.


He also spent a period working in the New York office helping companies refine their strategies for US launch and working operationally to help companies succeed in the US.


Octopus Ventures is a leading European VC based in London and New York. In recent years OV has backed the founding teams of over 50 companies across Europe including Zoopla Property Group, Secret Escapes, SwiftKey and graze.com. OV can invest from £250,000 to £25 million in a first round of funding and invests around $100m a year.


This dinner will be attended by members new to the process and those who have gone through it, to ensure that the output is valuable to all.


This event looks to cover, but is not limited to:

• Knowing if a VC is the right type of investment for you
• How to position yourself to secure the best deal
• The potential pitfalls of VC investment
• Mental preparation before handing over equity
• VC’s expectations on return and exit
• Knowing how a VC should support your business beyond investment
• Choosing the right VC for your growth strategy


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