The Directors Club - Prelude

The Directors Club

The Directors Club has been designed for senior leaders and directors of high growth, entrepreneurial businesses.

Members of The Directors Club are given the tools to implement change and have a greater impact on business growth.

About The Directors Club


The Directors Club is a network of directors working within entrepreneurial businesses. Everyone in the network works in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial business. All have joined to develop their management skills, meet like-minded individuals, and to receive tactical advice from peers.


At the heart of The Directors Club is The Directors Day. You will spend the Day in the company of fellow directors, working on different areas of business strategy, including: vision and values, business growth, margin and risk. You will leave with clarity on where you will impact your business and having extended your network.


Members of The Directors Club receive access to


  • One Directors Day
  • Access to Speaker Boutique events
  • Discounts on Growth Programmes
  • Invite-only socials throughout the year


The essentials


  • Cross sector: We maintain a balance across sectors and B2B/B2C
  • Give and get: A community where you both help and learn from peers
  • Chatham House: Chatham House Rule applies to all events
  • No overt selling: Although overt selling is frowned upon, it is not uncommon for our members to uncover business opportunities from their fellow members

Membership criteria


Directors and senior managers working within entrepreneurial businesses are eligible to attend The Directors Day and join the network. You will not be the business Founder/CEO. Please see The Supper Club if you are.


  • Qualifying criteria: Business must have an annual turnover of £750K+
  • No professional services: We exclude consultants, professional services, those working in large corporates, business or life coaches, one-man bands, mentors, or anyone joining to ‘sell’ to our members



What next?


To join The Directors Club network, you must attend an upcoming Directors Day. If you would like to attend and join the network, please get in touch.


  • If your Founder/CEO is a member of The Supper Club: £750+VAT
  • If you are new to the Prelude network: £1,000+VAT

A truly inspiring and useful day, I’ve taken away a lot of actions and challenged a lot of assumptions but the best thing about it is that I now have a peer group for support going forwards.

Chloe Cameron, Wirehive

A completely rewarding day, I found it covered key subjects within a business and by implementing them it will really drive our business forward.

Scott Martin, Raedex Consortium

A fantastic day, I was unsure of what to expect, I feel really energised and ready to take back some real business changing actions.

Sam Crocker, Conversion Factory

A very thought provoking day that challenged the group to think in different ways. I’ve come up with new ideas and discovered opportunities that I didn’t realised existed.

Nick Clark, Experience Travel Group

Upcoming events

Matthew McGrory Carrenza Ltd

Job Title: MD

Most memorable job and why? Fulham Football Club, working with Steve Nance (ex Wallabies Rugby Union fitness coach) the fitness coach to introduce new technologies to track players fitness during training and matches.

Biggest business challenge: Growing Carrenza

Reason for joining The Directors Club: Collaboration with like minded individuals


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Hear testimonials from attendees

Chloe Cameron Wirehive

Job Title: Marketing Director

Most memorable job (this can be good or bad) and why? This one – almost two years in and the speed of decision making and sense of accomplishment you get at the end of each day in an entrepreneurial business that trusts and empowers its staff is still hugely liberating.

Biggest business challenge: Being able to see five steps ahead but having to move one step at a time

Reason for joining The Directors Club: Peer learning and perspective

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