The Supper Club - Prelude

About the Club

The Supper Club is a membership club exclusively for fast-growth founders and CEOs. Our members join to learn from their peers in the pursuit of business growth. We think it all adds up to a relaxed and confidential environment which is all about growing your business in a constructive, collaborative way.

We are anything but a run-of-the-mill networking group. As a member of The Supper Club you have access to an extraordinary group of inspiring entrepreneurs.


Our extensive range of events and initiatives let our members share knowledge and experiences with each other, inspire and challenge, explore ideas and build strong relationships.


The essentials


Founders/CEOs only: it is the entrepreneur who is the member, not their business


Minimum £1m turnover: qualifying criteria starts at annual turnover of £1 million


No professional services: we exclude consultants, professional services, life coaches, one-man bands, mentors and anyone joining to ‘sell’ to our members


Cross sector: we maintain a balance across sectors and B2B/B2C


Give and get: a community where you both help and learn from peers


Chatham House Rule: Chatham House Rule applies to all dinner events


No overt selling: although overt selling is frowned upon, it is not uncommon for our members to uncover business opportunities from their fellow members

To ensure a well-rounded club we need to retain a good balance across all sectors, and occasionally we restrict membership from certain sectors where there is a disproportionate number of members from that sector currently in the Club. We will be happy to discuss other options if this is currently the case for your sector.


If you do not yet qualify for membership, we may be able to support your growth through other services, so do get in touch.


What next?


We consider all applications on their own merits. We meet all potential members face to face to ensure a good fit and a commitment to the Club’s values and ethos of ‘give and get’. If you would like to explore membership then get in touch. We have two types of membership and would be happy to discuss which might be the best fit for you.


Social Membership is £250 a month*


Forum Membership is £450 a month*


* A joining fee of £495 applies. All prices are quoted ex VAT and are inclusive of all events, excluding Special Guest Dinners and Special Interest Groups

Get more out of your membership

We hold over 20 events each month, covering a broad range of topics, so there will be something that interests you. View our upcoming events here.


Round table dinners: dinners are curated by us, focused on a particular topic. We run the most popular topics regularly if you can’t make the date so keep checking


Special guest dinners: this is your chance to meet business, cultural and political leaders in an intimate setting. Previous Special Guests have included Luke Johnson, Sir Terry Leahy, Dale Murry, Matthew Hancock MP and Sir Tom Hunter


Socials: meet more of your fellow members at our intimate breakfast or at our larger events; our popular Big Event is held twice a year


Special interest groups: we bring together members around common interests such as racing, wine or golf. Let us know about your particular interest

Connections: We seek to support your growth and are on hand to connect you to a peer or help build your profile


Advice: If there are areas where you are looking for advice or expertise we will look for members or outside contacts from our trusted networks who could help, or who have been through it and come out the other side


Press opportunities: We send weekly opportunities from journalists looking for comment from an entrepreneur. Members have been featured in The Sunday Times, Management Today and The Daily Telegraph


Select opportunities: We often have fantastic opportunities come our way which we happily pass on to our members; this has included international trade missions to a one-off dinner with HMV to brainstorm their strategy


Knowledge: If you have a challenge in a particular area of the business then share it with us and we can dig into our extensive knowledge files to see if we have something that could assist

LinkedIn group: An online forum for you to engage with your fellow members – gain quick input on challenges/ideas and requests for help


Member SOS: If you have an urgent business challenge we can put out a ‘MemberSOS’ on your behalf to seek assistance from within the Club


Community: We have a number of ways you can get more involved with your Club or give back to your fellow members and the wider community


Forum: If you feel you could benefit from an ‘invisible board’ you may want to consider moving to Growth membership and joining a forum group. Each forum group is overseen by a chairperson; if this sounds like something you would like to explore then get in touch


Hosting dinners: Hosting can be a way to get something different out of our dinners; if you would like to explore this further then let us know


Profile building: If you enjoy writing why not write a guest post on our popular blog; there are a range of topics we cover so let us know what interests you

Preferential rates: as a member you enjoy preferential rates for you and your team on our Growth Programmes and The Directors Club


Growth Programmes: we’ve found that members have seen Growth Programmes as a great way to support both their own and their team’s personal development


Speaker Boutique: as a member you receive two free tickets to each Speaker Boutique, for you and one of your Directors to attend. It’s a great way to be inspired and informed by your fellow members


The Directors Club: created at the request of members, The Directors Club provides a shot of entrepreneurialism for your directors

Upcoming events

Geoff Van Sonsbeeck Isabella Oliver

I greatly value the connections that The Supper Club continues to give me. In particular the connections into two banks at senior level were incredibly helpful recently when we raised £350k of debt finance. There’s no doubt that made a big difference in the end result.

Lara Morgan Company Shortcuts

I like The Supper Club for the varied audience of members with interesting ambitious visions. The dinners are of particular value, rarely do I come away with less than 10 things I want to do better.

Stephen Sacks Muubaa

The Supper Club offers a safe and valuable environment to sound off, feedback and receive feedback from ones entrepreneurial peers.

Mark White Seko Synergy

The direct and indirect connections that are made by the Club are valuable to us, and have made a significant impact on our financial performance. For example, one introduction resulted in £2m being added to our top line revenues, and there is potential for it to grow much further.

Our Story

The Supper Club was founded by Duncan Cheatle in 2003, when he and a group of peers became fed up with the networking events on offer. Instead of meeting genuinely experienced entrepreneurs at these events, they were often left talking to someone who wanted to sell to them or were too early stage to offer any real value.


So, Duncan arranged a dinner for eight entrepreneurial friends in a private dining room, where he hosted an open discussion. They were all blown away by what they learnt in just one evening and insisted they meet again the following month. The Club grew from there. Hence the name: The Supper Club!

Since then, we have built a wide network of experienced and inspiring founders and CEO’s, who support each other and benefit from the host of events and opportunities that The Supper Club and Prelude Group have to offer, made effortless by the tireless work of our professional, highly skilled team.

We never want to get so big we don’t know every member personally but we continue to attract high calibre entrepreneurs who fit perfectly with the other members in the Club. We will continue to regularly create strong forum groups of well-matched business owners and we are always innovating and creating new ways of adding value to our members.